We accompany your project as agent or as controlling body on your behalf. We take on the project as a whole or parts thereof upon our responsibility. We tend to the intricate work and deliver the whole project as a comprehensive service. The unique methods and equipment utilized during this management process always endeavours to exceed the relevant regulatory specifications (HSE, IMCA….). We also serve as mediator and coordinator between the various parties involved, such as the owners, surveyor of the underwriters, the government safety organisation and the subcontractors.

Project processing and project support

Do you need to lift, transport or install heavy objects from the seaward side? Are you in demand for hydraulic engineering equipment or do you want to ship a complete factory? Do you wish to know if a skid-on pontoon loading system is less expensive than a floating sheerlegs operation? Or do you need to know where to obtain a crane pontoon with accommodation facilities for a diving team and how this pontoon has to be moored? We can supply the divers for your rigging and inspection work at the foundations of offshore wind turbines, if required.

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