Offshore wind contract awarded to OPUS MARINE

Crew Transfer Vessels working off the island of Rügen

The Offshore Wind Farm construction project „Arkona“ is a joint venture of the German energy company E.ON and Norwegian energy utility group Statoil. Construction and operation of the offshore wind farm will be arranged by E.ON. Construction works for the new offshore wind farm located approximately 35 kilometers North East of the island of Rügen will commence this summer and will continue until 2019.

OPUS MARINE is going to provide the majority of crew transfer services between the base port Sassnitz located on the island of Rügen and the offshore wind farm „Arkona“ during the construction period. OPUS MARINE will be using their latest Crew Transfer Vessels VIVACE and PRESTO to transfer the technicians to the offshore wind farm whose 60 wind turbine generators will be able to produce a total power of 385 MW. Additionally, the company will provide their offshore vessel DEVERON to service the „Arkona“ met mast. DEVERON’s bow section and foredeck have purposely been modified to meet the requirements of the met mast. Due to these modifications DEVERON can also serve a regular Crew Transfer Vessel in the construction project.


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