Full commercial and technical Ship Management for six fully owned Crew Transfer Vessels:
  • "DEVERON" (2006) 20 meter
  • "CARBOCLYDE" (2010) 24 meter
  • "LARGO" (2015) 27 meter
  • "VERDI" (2015) 26 meter
  • "PRESTO" (2016) 28 meter
  • "VIVACE" (2016) 28 meter

Our Multi-Purpose Survey Vessel "MAGNFICAT".

“One face to the customer”

OPUS MARINE successfully mediates between the "top-down" requirement planning of large industrial customers on the one hand and a diverse number of work boat providers with appropriate tonnage on the other side.

The members of the OPUS MARINE network have pooled their capacities, thus offering a large and efficient fleet for the growing offshore wind industry market in Germany.

A one-stop solution. Serving you around the globe - seven days a week.