Clever modular setup – easy and economical transport
By offering a portfolio of accommodation and peripheral modules all based on the footprint of a 20’ ISO standard container, the OPUS MARINE modules allow for a wide spectrum of setup solutions from a single room to a whole village. The module format also ensures an economical transportation by road, rail and sea – just like any freight container.

Built to the standards:

  • IMO circ.860
  • CSC
  • EN 12079
  • GermanischerLloyd Certification Rules + Det Norske Veritas CS 2.7-1 and 2.7-2
  • NorsokZ-015

Comfortable living in any environment
To ensure that the members of your workforce deliver their best performance, it is important for them to feel at home during hours of recreation. Our modules offer an accommodation of superior standard to your staff, regardless of the surrounding environment, be it on your offshore structure, seagoing vessel or in an onshore camp.

German workmanship – quality in design and finish
Designed, manufactured and assembled in Germany, our modules offer intelligent design combined with outstanding production quality.

Versatile application – autonomous operation
The OPUS MARINE modules give you the flexibility you need when setting up a temporary accommodation unit. Combined with peripheral modules, all you need to supply is electrical power.

Standardized modules – moderate prices
The OPUS MARINE accommodation modules are a standardized solution for your accommodation needs. You don’t have to worry about details – we are able to offer affordable products due to increased production rates. Open to new ideas - expanding product portfolio. Where our standardized modules do not completely satisfy your needs, we are quite happy to develop new solutions with you to complement the Diogenes portfolio.

Full service – flexible operation solutions
Our service does not end when your module leaves our plant. We can help you with shipping and setting up of the modules or even provide onsite staff, e.g. to cater for your work force with the meals they know from home.

A one-stop solution. Serving you around the globe - seven days a week.