Full commercial and technical Ship Management for six fully owned Crew Transfer Vessels:
  • "DEVERON" (2006) 20 meter
  • "CARBOCLYDE" (2010) 24 meter
  • "LARGO" (2015) 27 meter
  • "VERDI" (2015) 26 meter
  • "PRESTO" (2016) 28 meter
  • "VIVACE" (2016) 28 meter

Our Multi-Purpose Survey Vessel "MAGNFICAT".

Exclusive partner in Germany for TURBINE TRANSFERS, UK with 45 modern Crew Transfer Vessels and Jifmar with its competences for subsea works.

“One face to the customer”

OPUS MARINE successfully mediates between the "top-down" requirement planning of large industrial customers on the one hand and a diverse number of work boat providers with appropriate tonnage on the other side.

The members of the OPUS MARINE network have pooled their capacities, thus offering a large and efficient fleet for the growing offshore wind industry market in Germany.


A one-stop solution. Serving you around the globe - seven days a week.